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At Srishta Technology, our mobile app development team creates highly robust and interactive mobile applications with elegant UI, amazing features, and efficient code. By leveraging the potentials of varied mobile platforms like Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc., we render stunning mobile applications that not only gain top rankings in major App Stores, but also earn instant hits. Our apps are custom-designed to meet unique business requirements, helping you achieve your goals and earn revenues. We have successfully served a gamut of clients across diversified business with our custom-built apps.

The mobile app is becoming as important in establishing a business’ credibility as the website was a few years ago. Branded apps establish a deeper connection between company and customer, and can take many forms: mobile commerce portals, service directories, even games.

Developing mobile apps is an engineering challenge distinct from desktop software development. The interface, storage footprint, and data access must all be tailored to the mobile device. The Srishta Technology team of app developers lives and breathes custom mobile application development, and we can build apps for any mobile platform that interact with backend systems and cloud services.



Custom Designed, Engaging Apps by Leading Mobile App Development Company in Achieving Your Business Goals

iPhone, iPad Development

Apple produces the single most popular smartphone and tablet lines: the iPhone and iPad. Accordingly, apps for the iOS platform bring in large amounts of revenue. The year 2014 was a record year for the Apple App Store and its developer community. In 2014 iOS apps generated over $10 billion in revenue for developers and to date developers have earned a cumulative $25 billion. In addition, New Year 's Day 2015 marked the largest single sales day in the app store history. The amount of money saved by using mobile technology or earned by attracting business with a mobile app is above and beyond the cumulative $25 billion statistic. Working with seasoned iPhone and iPad app development companies can give you a competitive advantage. Apple Watch development is also available with WatchKit. Srishta’s portfolio includes dozens of iOS apps, from simple event guides to complex secure cloud data access software.

Android Development

Currently the Android platform serves more than one billion users, which is more than any other mobile operating system. The open platform is available on a multitude of different smartphones and tablets as well as wearables through the Android Wear operating system. We develop on all major manufacturer devices, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, and more. The open platform is available on 8,000 unique device models from over 400 manufacturers. If you are developing on Android, you can expect to reach a diverse set of consumers, professionals, gamers, students, and more. Srishta is a leading mobile application development company, and our developers possess years of experience with Java, the programming language used to create Android apps. Branded apps, games, enterprise tools, and augmented reality are all possible. As more hardware is built into the latest Android handsets and wearable’s even more functionality will be unlocked

Windows Development

The world’s dominant desktop operating system is making serious inroads on mobile devices. Microsoft’s own tablet, the Surface, is a model for blending business productivity with media consumption. The Nokia Windows Phone line includes high-resolution cameras and speedy hardware. Developers are finding that the demand for apps on Windows mobile devices can lead to more exposure and more downloads with less marketing effort. Srishta was one of the first developers to use Microsoft’s .NET framework in 2002. We’re still committed to the Windows environment as it expands to include mobile devices and innovative wearable technology. HoloLens is transforming our surroundings with holographic computing and augmented reality, while Band brings rich features to the fitness smart band market.

Web Application Development

We offer high performance, user friendly, well integrated and creative web application development solutions, which are available as standalone units as well as part of a multi-level system. We help you solve your different day-to-day business tasks, through a well designed system, which helps you easily overcome the multifaceted challenges of the current digital era. From the initial stages of specifications and prototyping, we ensure seamless services throughout the entire deployment and ongoing support procedure. Rest assured, when you opt for our services, you ensure a productive, scalable and highly secure future with our web application solutions expressly designed for your business needs

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