While it is completely within reason to jump into AWS and start using its features, perhaps a moment can be taken to eye the offerings and take your pick of the lot, ably aided wherever needed by the expert team members of Srishta Technology, of course. Physical limitations of having a singular or even multiple servers hosted on local data centers heightens the risk involved due to the vagaries of the internet. That’s right, the connected nature of the world wide web also affords hackers and malware progenitors the chance to steal your data or infect your servers. By migrating to the cloud, and specifically to Amazon Web Services, you can reduce this risk and buffer your security measures with the ones provided by Amazon Web Services. Additionally, data storage space and processing power become available to you in an easily scalable way.

Pre migration

Cloud Assessment Phase

Cost, Security, Usage & Architecture Assessment

Migration Readness

POC Development

Build prototype for AWS

Solution Modelling

Data Migration Phase

Explore AWS storage options


Application Migration Phase

Forklift & Hybrid Migration Strategy


Leverage the migrated cloud phase

Automation, auto-scaling to optimize

Post Migration Support


Re-engineering & performance tuning