E-Education Hub

How Does It Work

EDUCATION Software & Website Development

E-Education Hub  is an e-learning platform focused in the architectural entrance examinations specifically. This Project is made by Srishta Technology.

Software & Website Development Company :

Our team of eLearning web and mobile app developers is highly innovative and meets every complexity of eLearning effectively. With our best-in-class instructional design practices, and sure-fire learning tools and techniques, we provide the most exclusive solutions to overcome eLearning software development challenges.

Features Of This Projects: 

  1. Student Can Login and register
  2. Student Can purchase the course according to his/Her Career Stream.
  3. Online Tutorial They Can Attend 
  4. They can Buy Online courses.
  5. They Can Join The Online Class Room 
  6.  They can check their skill by onlineTest.